Trane uses a proprietary woven coil technology to make its Spine Fin coils.  These are used as the outside condensing coil on all Trane air conditioning systems.  It has increased surface area compared to the other manufacturer’s coils.  This increased surface area offers prevention of dirt build-up.  It also has a third of the brazed joints of the other guys coils, making it less likely to leak from a joint.  It is simply unmatched in its heat transfer capabilities.  It has been used in Trane air conditioning systems since 1968, back when they were actually General Electric.

A study done at Purdue University determined that Trane’s Spine Fin coil efficiency degrades at half the rate of the other manufacturer’s coils.  This means that if you live in southwest Florida, you can trust that your Trane system will maintain it’s efficiency much longer than any other brand.  This also has to do with the selective aluminum alloys that Trane demands from its material providers.

Bottom line is, if you want your air conditioning system to last and maintain its efficiency, choose a Trane.  You can request a free estimate buy filling out the contact form at or by calling 239-597-7873.  As always, thank you for your time in reading this.  Michael Crothers, Owner, Pure Air Conditioning, Naples, Florida.