Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Without proper maintenance, your air conditioning system can stop working when you need it most. Don’t let this often preventable situation happen in your home! Call Pure Air at 239-597-7873 or Download our app to schedule a service call.

AC Maintenance Experts

Have one of our NATE trained technicians perform a complete diagnostic check and maintenance routine on your air conditioning system at least once a year. It is best to schedule before Summer. If you run your AC year-round, you might also consider one of our maintenance service plans

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

  • Verifying your thermostat is displaying the proper temperature readings
  • Cleaning your air filter or replacing it with a new washable filter or pleated filter supplied by the customer (pleated is recommended, for superior filtration over washable)
  • Inspecting all visible duct-work for leaks, separations, and microbial growth
  • Checking for leaks within supply and return plenums on air handler
  • Inspection of and light cleaning of evaporator coil in place (if reasonably accessible and not impacted, inside unit)
  • Sanitizing air handler with an HVAC approved sanitizing chemical (Envirocon)
  • Flush out drain line Adding algaecide tablets to drain pan to prevent future line clogs
  • Inspect and run heater
  • Run air conditioning system and take a temperature split (to verify the proper temperature coming from the vents)
  • Checking the amperage draw on all motors and compressor (this ensures the unit is not using too much electricity)
  • Cleaning condenser coil and cabinet (outside unit)
  • Checking suction and liquid line refrigerant levels (checking pressures)
  • Inspect all safety equipment
  • Inspect electrical connections and tighten if needed
  • Inspect copper line sets and insulation Give recommendations on things to further the life span of the system and maintenance.
  • Leave a service record of the visit either electronically or on paper if preferred

circuit board in air conditioner system