Home Heating, Furnace Coil Cleaning

Pure Air offers furnace coil cleaning to the residents of Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. Heating systems use coils to warm the air that is circulated through your home or business. The three types of furnace coils are electric heat strips, refrigerant coils, and hot water coils, known as hydronic coils.

Why do the coils in my furnace need to be cleaned?

naples home heating servicesDuring the winter months in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, you need your heating system to work efficiently. When dust and other contaminants build up on your furnace coils, the system has to work harder to warm your home or business, causing your energy bills to increase. Furnaces that are not operating efficiently may not maintain an even temperature in your home. When the furnace coils are dirty, and your system works harder to heat your home, the internal parts are placed under stress. As a result, the lifespan of your heating system is shortened. If you have any questions about the performance of your heating system, please call us to arrange an in-home evaluation.

How do the technicians from Pure Air clean the furnace coils?

The technician removes the access cover of your furnace and uses a special brush to remove any loose dirt and contaminants from the coils. After the debris is loosened, a special vacuum is used to clean out the area around the coils, and a special cleaner is applied to the coils.