“After experiencing some problems with my 12 year old central air conditioning system, I contacted a few AC companies to inquire about service, maintenance and repairs. After speaking with other companies, I called Pure Air in Naples and spoke with the owner, Mike Crothers, a very charismatic and personable expert in air conditioning. I was very impressed with Mike’s knowledge and professionalism. He was most helpful and by far the most knowledgeable representative that I had spoke with. Promptly following our conversation, Mike Elkins, the Sales Manager for Pure Air called me to schedule a next day appointment. Not only did I receive a very reasonable and competitive proposal, but also brochures describing the improved air conditioner, air handler, and the high-tech thermostat. I had the great feeling I was living in a modern world that would ease my golden years!

The very hard working and dedicated Pure Air employees, Blaine and James fixed the big leak and replaced the copper lines that were badly corroded. They designed a plan without going through the roof and entering three of my other of my neighbor’s condos. My association’s management and board (Calais condominiums in Pelican Bay) were very impressed with Pure Air’s proficiency and problem solving. Other contractor’s proposals required going through the roof of neighboring condo units which would have been problematic.

Blaine the service tech came over after the system was installed to double check everything and make sure that there were no problems and everything was working properly. He installed a new and improved breaker and worked very hard outside for two hours in the 93 degree heat and hot sun. The Pure Air team were always courteous and professional, promptly returned my calls, answered all of my questions and clearly explained what needed to be done. I can now relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep in my cool and comfortable home! I am so pleased with Pure Air’s performance that I want to share my experience with my friends and neighbors!”

Joan thank you so much! -Michael