Naples HVAC Air-Duct Cleaning

Pure Air offers HVAC air duct-work cleaning to the residents of Naples, Fort Myers and the rest of Southwest Florida. Call: 239-597-7873.

Allergies and other illnesses can be caused by poor indoor air quality. Contaminants can travel through your heating and air conditioning systems into your home or business and become trapped. As you breathe the pollutants, your sinuses and lungs can be irritated, making you susceptible to many symptoms, such as stuffiness, sneezing, and congestion. These same contaminants cause your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder, which can shorten their lifespan, increase your energy bills, and result in high repair costs.

After our technicians perform the air duct cleaning services, you will be able to breathe better and have fewer experiences with congestion and sinus problems. Our air duct cleaning services also help reduce the amount of dust in your home. Removing dust, pollen, and debris from the heating and cooling air ducts means that fewer of these pollutants enter the house and lower the indoor air quality. Homeowners often experience fewer allergies. If the system is overdue for air duct cleaning services, homeowners may also have lower energy bills because the system will not work as hard to heat and cool the home.

“What happens during the air duct cleaning service from Pure Air?

If your duct system is in good condition but could use a cleaning, Pure Air offers a duct cleaning system called the Rotobrush Duct Cleaning machine. This machine uses patented technology that includes using a soft bristle brush and vacuum. The dirty air is then pulled through a pair of HEPA filters ensuring that it is not brought back into the house. This system is the most effective and safe way to clean your home’s duct system. This machine can be viewed at

During your air duct cleaning appointment, we clean your air ducts, registers, grills, and other parts of your heating and air conditioning system. The dirt is suctioned through hoses and carried outside your home.