Priority Service Membership

We treat every customer with respect and urgency. However, with that being said our priorty service customers receive an additional level of service. All priority service members will be moved to the front of the line and have their service requests handled immediately. In addition to the faster service we keep detailed notes on your particular system which will allow us to service your unit faster. Along with these benefits priority service members enjoy:

Special Rates
Purchasing new equipment and maintaining it can sometimes place a strain on your pocketbook – particularly when the need for unexpected repairs arise. Priority Service Memberships can help to lesson that strain because members enjoy special rates on the purchase of new equipment if it is required. The savings pay for the maintenance plan and then some

Precision Tune-Ups & Cleaning
Priory service members receive air conditioning tune-ups without the charge. Annual preventative maintenance and cleanings are important for your equipment. It keeps them running efficiently – which helps to lower operating costs for you – extends the overall life of the unit, and reduces the chance of the dreaded unexpected breakdown. The savings and benefits from this perk alone can really pay out for you in both the short and long term.

Exclusive Offers
Special offers and incentives are available to Priority Service Members that are not provided to our regular customers. Benefits like extended original warranties for your furnace and air condenser, special one-time promotions, and exclusive Facebook offers and contests are all additional benefits.