Pure Air FAQ

Informed customers can make smart choices, save money, and avoid problems with their air conditioning and heating systems. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help keep you informed to preserve the dependability of your air conditioning unit while helping you conserve energy and save money.

If you do not see an answer to a question you are looking for, please contact us by phone: 239-597-7873


My unit is not working, what should I check?

First check the thermostat setting. Be sure that the batteries are good because they give the thermostat the power to send a signal to turn on the air conditioner. More advanced systems may even tell you that you need to contact a service company.

Secondly, fuses, make sure the breakers in your main breaker panel are all on and not tripped. The main breaker panel is most often located in the garage or in the laundry room. If the breaker is tripped, you should shut it off then turn it back on. If the breaker continues to trip then there is a voltage problem and the breaker is tripping to prevent an electrical fire due to a short in the wiring, compressor, or the wire carrying more voltage than it is safely meant to handle.

Lastly, your unit can be interrupted due to a float switch that will be in the emergency drain pan or inline with your drain line. This float switch is a safety device to prevent the air conditioner from flooding itself, most likely due to a clogged drain line or, worst case scenario, a cracked drain pan. As always make sure your filters are clean and are appropriate for your air conditioning system.

My air conditioner seems to be running but not cooling. What should I look for?

If your outside condenser is running, the air handler inside is running, and you still aren’t getting cold air in your home, you should first check your filter or filters. If they haven’t been changed in a while, it could cause your system to freeze up due to lack of airflow. You would most likely see ice on the suction line or big copper line coming out of your air handler. If this is in your attic and not accessible, you might want to look at your outside air conditioner to see if there is ice on the big copper line coming from it. The best action in this situation is to turn the system off and allow it to defrost.

If your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant it will have a similar effect. Once again, turn the air conditioning system off and call Pure Air to come add refrigerant and find the refrigerant leak.

If the system is not freezing up, but both units are on, most likely your air conditioner is either completely out of refrigerant or the compressor is not starting. l’d be able to hear a buzzing sound from the compressor when it is running. If the compressor is not starting it could be as simple as a capacitor or as complicated as a bad compressor. Pure Air carries a variety of capacitors to every job site, as well as a universal capacitor to get you cool right away. If it is a bad compressor, Pure Air also carries a portable air conditioner to give you relief until a new compressor or air conditioning system can be installed.

At what temperature should I set my thermostat?

The temperature is based on your comfort level. If your air conditioning system is running at its peak performance, it should keep you comfortable at the higher setting of 78 to 80 degrees because the air conditioner not only blows cool air into your home but also pulls humidity out.

If you are trying to save some money by setting the thermostat higher during the day, here are some tips. When gone for the day, you can raise the temperature a couple of degrees so that the air conditioning system doesn’t run as much. Pure Air does not recommend more than a couple degrees for a few reasons. First, one of your air conditioner’s main jobs is to dehumidify your home. If you leave your system completely off or set it more than a few degrees higher, your air conditioner will have to run much longer to take the humidity back out of your house and make you comfortable again. Also, when your air conditioner has to run for hours straight to catch up, it damages your compressor from overworking, shortening your compressor’s lifespan and leading to costly repairs.

If you are gone for the entire summer, it is best to install a humidistat, which will allow your air conditioning system to operate according to the humidity level in the house as opposed to the temperature level. Some of the newer thermostats such as the Honeywell Pro 8000 have built in de-humidification control. Pure Air can install one of these thermostats to work with any air conditioning system.

What is a SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, which means that the higher your air conditioner’s SEER rating, the more efficient it will be to operate. This translates to lower power bills and energy consumption. Your current air conditioner also has a SEER rating which can be calculated by adding the total amps of all motors and the compressor. This number must then be multiplied by the voltage, generally 240 volts. Finally, the total BTUs or capacity of your system will be divided by the total amps X volts. A quick example follows: 12 compressor amps + 2 blower motor amps + 1 fan motor amp = 15 total amps. This number multiplied by 240 volts equals 3600. If your air conditioner is a 2.5 ton then the BTUs should be around 30,000. Dividing 30,000 by 3600 will make your air conditioner’s SEER rating 8.3. The amps will need to be drawn using an amp meter. Pure Air will calculate this rating for you on any tune-up visit.

Why is proper sizing important when replacing an air conditioning and heating system?

Proper sizing is critical when determining the right air conditioner for your home because an air conditioner should have certain run times to make your house cool and comfortable. If a system is too big for the house it will “short cycle,” meaning it will not run long enough to draw the humidity out of the home. When an air conditioner is undersized, it will run for much longer than desired, delivering the customer an unwanted high electrical bill. Florida Power and Light has advised that a heat load calculation can help to determine the proper sizing. Pure Air technicians have a specialized program to determine the proper size for your home. Proper insulation and duct sizing are also essential factors for keeping the air conditioner run times adequate.

How much can I save by installing a high-efficiency system?

This question can be a complicated due to the many variables involved. It really depends on the inefficiency of your current air condition system compared to the efficiency of the new system. For example, if you currently have a 15-year-old 3-ton system, most likely it is running at a 7 to 9 SEER rating. By installing a 3-ton 16 seer air conditioning system, you could expect to save between $700 to $800 a year in power bills. This information is provided by Florida Power and Light.

Efficiency and savings can also have a lot to do with your duct system. Ductwork has to be properly sealed and sized according to the static pressure the system needs to work properly. You may also want to look at the home’s insulation to determine if it is at the proper levels. Pure Air offers air duct services for your convenience.

How can I reduce my heating and cooling costs?

First, be sure to clean or replace your air filters with pleated nonrestrictive filters. You can also use a water hose to spray any dirt or grass clogging up the outside condenser coil. Aside from those tips, you should always have proper maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. Pure Air technicians have specialized tools and training to help you identify problems before they lead to higher bills. Pure Air is offering this service for $24.95. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

What is the difference between a two-stage and single-stage air conditioning system?

A single-stage system operates at only one speed, which causes the system to have longer run times during the hotter parts of the day. A two-stage system can run at two different speeds. As the heat load in the house changes from one minute to the next, a two-stage system can run at more consistent run times, which will keep your house more comfortable because it can pull more humidity out of your home. The single-stage air conditioning systems don’t run harder than two-stage air conditioners; they merely can’t run at half speed during the early and late parts of the day. Many contractors including Pure Air believe that although they are more expensive, the two-stage systems are worth the money because they will allow the customer to feel a comfort level they have never felt before.

What is a variable speed air handler and how does it work?

A variable speed air handler allows the blower wheel to slowly ramp up to speed over a number of minutes. If the unit is not a variable speed it will simply turn on and run at one speed. This is similar to how a two-stage system works, where the air handler can run longer at a lower speed to draw more humidity out of the house to make you more comfortable. The slow speed of the blower wheel also runs at a lower decibel level which in turn will make the customer happier with the air conditioning system. Keep in mind that although the system may be a variable speed, it does not make the machine more efficient, rather it makes it more comfortable. Pure Air always recommends a variable speed air conditioning system unless the customer does not want one. Variable speed systems are available in any brand but may not meet all installation applications.

What is a storm kit?

A storm kit is an industry-wide slang term for a set of parts. Most storm kits include a surge arrestor, hard start kit, and a time delay. Pure Air offers these three parts with an added bonus, a contactor. We feel this addition is important because, despite the safety parts, your condenser and fan motor need to have good connections. Poor electrical connections will lead to varying voltage and motor failure.

A surge arrestor absorbs excess voltage allowing the air conditioner to run at the proper voltage, despite any power surges in the area. A hard start kit aids the compressor in starting and is a separate boost capacitor, giving the compressor five times or 500% more torque to start more easily. All high-efficiency air conditioning systems have these factory installed. A time delay will keep your air conditioner from short cycling, which often happens when a float switch or thermostat is telling the air conditioning system to turn on and off too rapidly through the low voltage wiring. Short cycling will cause the compressor to shut down and eventually fail, leaving the customer without air conditioning. Pure Air offers all four parts for $225.00 for a limited time only.

What are UV or ultraviolet lights and how do they work?

UV lights emit a spectrum of ultraviolet light called UV-C. This part of the light spectrum penetrates and damages the cell walls of any micro-organisms or molecules growing on the evaporator coil inside the air handler. Due to the high temperatures we see in southwest Florida, these unwanted micro-organisms will clog the coil, lead to bad air quality, and cause your air conditioning system to overwork and eventually fail. Pure Air offers UV light systems in every system we install due to the ease of installation while installing a new air conditioning system.

Pure Air offers Ultravation products, which lead the industry in intensity and warranties. Most ultraviolet systems offer only a one-year bulb life. Ultravation light systems have a two-year bulb warranty, which prevents costly bulb replacement costs. Air cleaning systems, which turn organic compounds and viruses into a mix of carbon dioxide and water vapor, are also available. Please call Pure Air with any questions regarding ultraviolet light systems.

Why is duct cleaning important?

Here in southwest Florida we rarely have the doors and windows open, especially during the summer months, which create recycled air inside the home. When the duct system is dirty, it allows the dirty air to cycle through the air conditioning system repeatedly, getting dirtier at each pass. The EPA conducted a study that showed, in some homes, the air was 25 times more polluted than the outside air. Dirty duct-work can lead to allergies and sickness due to the quality of the air.

Pure Air recommends that the air conditioner’s duct system be cleaned every ten years. Pure Air enlists a duct cleaning process known as the Rotobrush. This well-known machine has led the air conditioning industry for many years. This duct cleaning machine has a spinning soft bristle brush attached to a vacuum hose. The dirty air brought through the machine is then filtered by two HEPA filters. Its website is www.rotobrush.com.

Why is having proper insulation important?

When the home is not properly insulated, the heat load on the house is higher, which makes the air conditioner have to work longer to maintain the desired temperature inside the home, leading to higher electricity bills and premature system failure. The insulation above the ceiling is the only barrier besides drywall between the brutally hot attic air and the air inside your home. Pure Air insists the proper insulation level is essential to the air conditioning system being able to cool the home properly. Pure Air enlists an Attic Cat blow-in insulation machine using only the best Owens Corning insulation. Most older homes do not meet the new code requirement of R-19 insulation. Please call Pure Air with any questions or to schedule a free estimate.

What separates Pure Air from the competition?

Pure Air cares about its reputation. That’s why it is actively involved in the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Pure Air also offers every customer a referral list upon request. Pure Air is conveniently located in North Naples, Florida. Dealing with a local air conditioning company can translate to faster service if your air conditioner stops working. Pure Air also comes with all necessary tools to properly diagnose the air conditioning problem, as well as the proper parts to fix almost any air conditioning problem.

How can Pure Air offer an air conditioning tune up so cheaply?

Pure Air always offers a preventative maintenance plan to ensure scheduled service. The customer is given the option to sign up on the maintenance plan after the air conditioning tune up is completed. This maintenance package is very inexpensive as well and is meant more to be a lasting bond between the customer and the company. This maintenance plan includes scheduled visits and covers the service call fee. Therefore, a Pure Air customer can call and have an air conditioning problem diagnosed without paying a dime. Word of mouth is on the rise in these tough economic times, and Pure Air believes that only the air conditioning companies that do right by their customers will survive.

Where are Pure Air’s offices and what areas do they service?

Pure Air’s physical address is 2043 Trade Center Way in Naples, Florida. A showroom also gives customers a firsthand experience on how an air conditioning system works. Pure Air’s service area stretches from Port Charlotte, FL, to Marco Island, FL, which covers Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, and Punta Gorda. Pure Air has technicians in almost every city to ensure quick service.