Terms and Conditions


1. Pure Air is not responsible for providing air filters. Pure Air will install filters if readily available at the time of service. Normal rates apply to visits to install filters.

2. Cancellation must be in writing and signed by the policy owner, refund will be prorated and a 10% processing fee will also be assessed. All service call fees waived and discounts from this agreement will be taken out of the refund.

3. This agreement is transferable at no extra charge to new homeowner or to your new Collier or Lee County home.

4. If another HVAC company does an assessment or repair on this unit, this newly purchased contract will not be binding and will not be refundable.

5. Nuisance calls will be charged a service call and hourly rate, subject to the time of service. Nuisance calls include but are not limited to: User error, WiFi issues relating to the customer’s internet connection, thermostat programming issues, etc.

6. Pure Air reserves the right to stop service or cancel contract at any time and refund it at a pro-rated rate.

7. Pure Air is not liable for any voltage related issues stemming from the customer’s electric company. Pure Air is also not liable for any problems that occur from Acts of God/Nature.

8. Issues relating to an already identified problem that the customer has not agreed to have work performed to resolve will not be the responsibility of Pure Air. Any service calls relating to such recommended repairs will be charged at a normal service charge and hourly rate.

9. Refrigerant is not covered under this maintenance plan or any manufacturer’s warranty, and will be charged by the pound for on every visit accordingly. Labor warranty also does not cover refrigerant.

10. Pure Air is not responsible for drain issues after 30 days of service unless specified under your Pure Air Service Agreement. If you are told you need a drain line repair or replacement and you choose not to follow the recommendation, Pure Air reserves the right to charge a normal service call fee and chemical cleaning fee for future drain related service calls. Pure Air is not responsible for issues arising from common or community drain line(s) and will charge accordingly for service calls relating to such.

11. Recurring credit card charges for Service Agreements must be canceled in writing or with an email sent to [email protected].

12. Standard Thermostat Parts and Labor Coverage will only be extended to thermostats with normal wear and tear, not customer negligence. Thermostats that are included in this coverage will be replaced with a digital non programmable single stage thermostat. Any thermostat with higher capabilities will be charged for accordingly.