Air Conditioning Repair


I think we can all agree that having your air conditioning system break down in southwest Florida is on the list for ‘life changing events’ right behind ‘moving’.  The next step you take, selecting the right a/c repair contractor, is the most critical one.

Air Conditioning Repair in the Naples Area

At Pure Air we pride ourselves on informing and educating all of our customers, existing maintenance customers or new customers all the same.  We train and test daily on air conditioning condensing units and air handlers right at our headquarters.  Pure Air technicians are required to pass a threshold of competence before they are sent out in the field to service and troubleshoot a/c systems.  In fact, most of our technicians have already been in the air conditioning industry for over a decade.

We have two technicians on call every day and night of the year.  This ensures that you will receive quick, reliable service wherever you live in Lee or Collier counties.  We service Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero, Cape Coral, and North Fort Myers.

Reasons to Choose Pure Air Conditioning

Among the reasons to call for service are:

  • System not keeping up with the temperature the thermostat is set for.
  • Visible water coming from the Air Handler unit inside the home, garage or attic.
  • System is not turning on.
  • Some rooms seem to be much hotter or cooler than others.
  • System seems to cycle on and off constantly.
  • Poor air quality inside the home.
  • Thermostat is blank or non-responsive.
  • Electricity bill seems much higher than normal.
  • Unsure of what filters to use or where they are in the home.

You can click 239-597-7873 to reach a Pure Air employee day or night.  You can also Live Chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom right of any page on our website.

We look forward to showing you what separates us from our competition and we look forward to hearing from you soon!  Let us turn this ‘life changing event’ into a positive one!

michael crothers pure air conditioning

Michael Crothers, Owner, Pure Air Conditioning

Michael Crothers, Owner, Pure Air Conditioning