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At Pure Air Conditioning we believe in the truth. In today’s world it can be hard to know who to trust to give you an accurate diagnostic of what is going on with the air conditioning system. That’s why when we tell a customer that something needs to be done, we back it up with numbers and facts. The truth is easy, and facts are found when you have a properly trained and competent technician at your home when your air conditioner breaks down.

Call us at 239-597-7873 or Live Chat using the icon at the bottom of your screen to schedule a Free Second Opinion or a Free Estimate on A/C Repairs or Replacement.  You will always be speaking or chatting with a Pure Air employee who has been trained on questions to ask pertaining to the air conditioning industry.

As I always will say “It doesn’t hurt to get a Second Opinion or another Free Estimate” and “The Truth is easy, but you need to be a competent technician in order to find it”

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Michael Crothers, Owner, Pure Air Conditioning

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