If you are looking to buy a new air conditioner, it is very helpful to gather an understanding of the purchasing process ahead of time. The suggestions below provide an outline to the typical steps followed to purchase an air conditioner unit.

First you will need to get multiple estimates. Contact your local Trane Comfort Specialists to set up an appointment. During that initial meeting the contractor will inspect the current air conditioning system and then they will provide a free written estimate. If you decide to get more than one estimate then make sure to ask the contractor about the differences in cost & recommended AC equipment. You will need to compare the differing installation plans in order to make the best decision for your situation.

After getting the estimates you will need to examine the details of the bids to look at the differing features. Below are some important areas to compare when making your decision.

trane air conditioner sales service• High efficiency: When shopping for an air conditioner unit, you will want to find the most efficient unit by looking at the SEER rating of each. This efficiency can be a major utility bill saver in the long run so it is extremely important.
• Warranty: You need to understand if a warranty is offered on your AC unit (All Trane units are warrantied). The unit may come with a limited warranty, but you might also have an option to purchase an extended warranty.
• Variable speed: An air conditioner with a blower motor that can move air at different speeds to control the flow into your house will result in much better efficiency.

Lastly you will want to choose the unit, the contractor, and your install date. A typical air conditioner installation will take about one day, although it is possible that it could take a little longer. If you are having an air cleaners or an air dehumidifier installed at the same time it could take longer.