A new central air conditioning system is not an off the shelf product with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Considerations such as the average local temperatures, condition of home and duct work, any local regulations and trade in offers will all affect the final price. A new air conditioning system will be more energy efficient and may lower the electric bill so thats a consideration too.

Home Construction and Condition

The way your home is constructed and insulated will affect the size of it’s air conditioning system. Homes with great insulation and high quality windows normally require air handlers and condensers with less capacity than those that are not fully insulated.

Geographic Location

Living in the Naples area of Southwest Florida will affect the size of your air conditioning system, generally toward the larger thus more costly AC units. But the heating capacity we requite is also lessened. Other considerations like home direction and window exposure may play a role.

Air Ducts

Your newly cooled air is distributed by the ducts and their proper installation plays a very important role in the efficiency of your air conditioning system. It’s highly recommended to make all necessary duct improvements at the time of new unit installation. This can also add cost to the final price.

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