NEST Thermostat Sales & Installation Service

If you are looking for a programmable thermostat in the Naples or Fort Myers, Florida, area, you should consider a NEST thermostat from Pure Air, call us at 239-597-7873. The thermostat in your home or business controls 10% of your energy consumption, and the average homeowner changes the thermostat 1,500 times each year. Programmable thermostats can cut your energy costs by up to 20%. Many of our customers believe that programmable thermostats are difficult to use and, as a result, approximately 90% of homeowners never program their thermostats. NEST thermostats are the first self-programmable thermostats that learn about your indoor comfort habits.

How is the NEST thermostat from Pure Air different from other programmable thermostats?

Most programmable thermostats need to be set up when you install them. With the NEST thermostat, you simply adjust the indoor temperature as you would with an electronic thermostat. As you change the thermostat, a log is created. After one week, the NEST thermostat programs itself using the log. If you change the temperature one day, the NEST thermostat does not change its programming. But if you adjust the temperature for a few consecutive days, NEST automatically updates the program.

What special features are available with the NEST thermostat?

NEST thermostats offer several features that are useful when living in SWFL. The Auto-Away feature uses special sensors in your home to determine when you and your family are gone, and automatically changes the temperature so you are not heating or cooling an empty house. Airwave turns off the air conditioning system but keeps the fan running, which means your air conditioning system runs 30% less, but your home stays cool. Your NEST thermostat also tracks your energy usage, tells you when the settings are most energy efficient, and lets you know how much time is needed for your home to reach the desired temperature.