Florida Power and Light (FPL) is offering generous incentives for business customers to upgrade their building envelope, air conditioning systems, refrigeration, water heating, or lighting systems with qualified energy-efficient equipment. The different rebates vary depending upon the system size & efficiency rating. On top of these incentives, Florida Power and Light also is offering a free Business Energy Evaluation & a customized incentive that rewards energy saving innovations. These innovations must trim at least 25 kilowatts from their summer peak demand. To learn more about all of these incentives, as well as the renewable energy incentives including net metering, please visit the web site for the FPL’s incentives.


  • Energy Evaluation from FPL: Free
  • Heat Recovery Units: $100 – $25,100
  • Refrigeration equipment: 30-2205
  • Heat Pumps/ Water Heaters: $100 – $32,950
  • Demand Control Ventilation Sensors:  Rebates vary by use & size of building
  • Window film: $1 per square foot of film
  • Chillers: $2 – $30 per ton
  • Linear Fluorescent Lamp: $ .65 –  $2 per lamp
  • New Limiters, Fixtures & Delamping:  Varies
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators:  Varies (check website for eligibility)
  • Roof/ Ceiling insulation: $0.05 – $0.15 per sq. ft.
  • Reflective Roofing/Spray polyurethane foam:  $.45 per square foot

Contact Info
Business Care Center
FPL General Mail Facility
Miami, FL 33188
Phone: (800) 375-5566