Due to the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pure Air Conditioning is now removing trip fees from service calls during the week.  We normally charge $85 before 5 pm and $125 after 5 pm.

This free trip fee also includes the first 15 minutes of diagnosing the problem with your HVAC system.

New Incremental Billing

We have also chosen to bill the hourly rate, after the first 15 minutes, in increments of 30 minutes. Previously, we charged a flat fee of $120 per hour for labor.  Now, we will charge $60 per half hour, and then charge in 30 minute increments from there.

Weekend Trip Fee Reduction

Furthermore, we have lowered our weekend trip fee rates to $65 before 5 pm, and $85 after 5 pm.

Stay Safe!

We are all in this together!  Our hope, as a company, is that these new policies will help reduce the financial burden for someone in need of air conditioning help.  Thank you!

– Mike Crothers