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How can I tell if my AC unit needs repair?

Air conditioning units rely on many internal components to operate efficiently. Normal wear on these components causes a gradual decline in system performance. High humidity in Ft. Myers is especially taxing on air conditioning systems. One clue that your AC needs repair service is an increase in your electricity bill. This could mean your unit is working harder than necessary. Other signs include a cycling off and on with unusual frequency, uneven cooling, and a lot of pollen and dust.

What to expect during an AC repair call from Pure Air?

Our trained techs will arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, evaluate and troubleshoot your system, and fully inform you of the repairs that are needed. Our conspicuously branded service trucks are stocked with name brand replacement parts. This allows us to complete your air conditioner repair on 1 appointment in many instances. Certain air conditioning components such as coils and compressors may need to be special-ordered through the manufacturer and installed during a second visit. Pure Air is a family owned and operated business serving the needs of the residents of SWFL for many more to come.