If you want to learn how house efficiency upgrades and air conditioner inspections can help you sell your house, read these tips.

naples fl swflThere are an abundance of ideas and tips for selling your home, including painting your walls a neutral color and hiring a staging company, but some of the best tips aren’t aesthetic instead they help save the buyer money.  Here are some ways in which an air conditioner system inspection and efficiency upgrades can help to sell your house.

Getting a house and HVAC system inspection are both a part of the home selling process, and chances are very good that the buyers financing company will require to pay for a home inspection, even if one has already been completed. Scheduling your own home inspection prior to putting the house on the market can be extremely beneficial.  Here are some reasons to consider:

  • An inspection can help the seller competitively price the home. If the price you are considering is too high, you are unlikely to find a buyer.  If the price you are considering is too low, then you risk leaving money on the table.
  • A home inspection can also pin-point issues with the home that you may want to resolve prior to going on the market. Surprise problems are never good for getting a deal done and it can potentially be a deal-breaker for a potential buyer.
  • Most financing companies require an inspection before confirming a mortgage, but that general inspection does not cover the entire house. It is wise to consider specific inspections done, like an air conditioner system inspection, which not only gives the buyer more peace of mind, but it provides the seller more detailed information prior going on them market.


Another selling tip for your home involves providing the home buyer with long-term savings. If the seller increases the efficiency of your house, you can show utility bills and promise the new owner years of energy savings. Here are some ways to increase home efficiency:

  • Installing new double-paned windows in your home. Double-paned windows significantly impact the cooling bills over single pane windows by reducing both drafts & heat transfer.
  • Weatherproofing doors and windows. Caulk or weather stripping can help seal drafty doors and windows.
  • Installing a new air conditioner to a more efficient unit not only saves monthly energy costs, but confirms to the buyer that they won’t have to replace the unit for many years to come. .

Although some of the above upgrades can be expensive, don’t forget that that most, if not all, of the outlay can be added into the selling price of the house. That being said you should always discuss these options with a professional realtor to make sure you are getting the best value for the money spent.

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