A new start-up, Ambi Labs, has created a new way of cooling your home. Consisting of a desktop monitor and a smart phone app, the Ambi Climate system uses learning technology to create the best climate for your space.

The company, which seeks to upgrade outdated interfaces in household appliances, has reached their Kickstarter goal several times over, and is currently working to produce units for mass market release.

How It Works

The Ambi Climate system works with any air conditioning unit with an infrared remote. The desktop device is placed in the room you wish to control, and it syncs with the smart phone application, which you then use to choose settings to guide the device.

The desktop device monitors temperature, humidity and sunlight, and communicates directly with the air conditioning unit via infrared, turning it on or off, and adjusting the cooling and humidity levels accordingly. The Ambi Climate can learn what temperatures and climate are best for you and your family, saving money and creating a more comfortable and healthful living environment.

The desktop unit can track light, temperature, and humidity, and will take into account the preferences that you entered into the smart phone app during set up. The device works with Wi-Fi, and has many built in sensors and learning algorithms that let it create the best climate for your home.

Using the system in multiple rooms can give you an idea of just how much energy is used on air conditioning, and give you an overall idea of what a good climate is for your home. The app can also remind you when it would be a good idea to close your curtains or simply open your windows.

The system uses weather forecasts for your area to determine whether these actions would be beneficial to your comfort. There is also a setting to remind you to change your air conditioner’s filters for optimal efficiency.

Benefits of the Ambi Climate System

For families with children, elderly, or pets, the system is beneficial for keeping all the members of the household in good health. Children and elders often react more strongly to fluctuations in temperature, and temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24C) with 50% humidity is least likely to cause airborne bacteria to grow. Keeping the home at an even, comfortable temperature is greatly conducive to good health for all.

For pets, the system can turn on when the temperature in the house is uncomfortable for the animal. This can prevent pets from experiencing heat stroke.

The Ambi Climate system works with your smart phone in several ways, using a geolocator to ascertain whether anyone is home, communicating with you to monitor and control your home’s climate when you are away , and starting up the cooling process when you are heading home. Since a room can take up to 15-20 minutes to cool down in warm weather, this is a benefit in time savings and comfort.

The Ambi Climate system is currently available for pre-order, and the items will ship in the summer of 2015.