HVAC systems require proper maintenance and repair by trained service techs.  On many occasions DIY repairs on an in-warranty HVAC unit may void your warranty.

That being said below are some simple maintenance steps that are definitely helpful to keep your system running well.  Anything other than the items provided below you should NOT attempt.  Don’t be the guy that says well I saw it on Youtube it can’t be that hard.  We fix those mistakes regularly and they can be very costly.  Your local Naples dealer, Pure Air, can assist you with questions or problems.

1) Replace the air filter(s) regularly.  This is so simple and so rarely done a clean filter keeps the air flow running unobstructed which makes the system run smoother and more efficiently.  When replacing your filter(s), buy the same size filter that is currently installed.  You can also consult with your dealer for more recommendations based upon your needs. Every filter has arrows, make sure to replace the filter with the arrows pointing in the direction of the airflow. Disposable filters need to be replaced every month. If you are in a dusty location like a construction area you will want to check the filters more often probably twice per month.

2) Keep the outdoor coil free from landscaping, and any other obstructions.  This will make sure that airflow to the outdoor unit is un-impeded and free flowing. The operation of your system depends on the free flowing air over the exterior coil. Don’t plant flowers, hedges or shrubbery next to the unit, leave sufficient space for the air to flow. I regularly go back and see exterior units with boxes and wood stacked right next to the unit.  Once again this keeps the air from flowing freely.

3) Every once in awhile clean the exterior finish to keep your exterior unit looking new for years.  The exterior HVAC unit is always covered in an enamel finish.  Use soap and water to clean it. For tough grease spots or other caked on spots, use a household detergent. Don’t use a lacquer thinner or other synthetic solvents as they may eat through the enamel finish.

4) Call Pure Air! for additional routine maintenance. 🙂 Your system should be inspected at the very least once per year by a trained service technician. Ask Pure Air about economical service or preventative maintenance agreements that cover yearly inspections. 239-597-7873