Many Naples area homes are ‘newer’ construction but if you are considering buying a house that is over 30 years old you need to be careful and fully inspect the HVAC system.  Some of these houses have upgraded their HVAC systems, however many will have old furnaces or air conditioning systems. You should consider the following when looking at a home of this age:

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HVAC services day or night, attic or rooftop.

Actually many old homes don’t even have air conditioning systems so that is check number one.  Living in SWFL it isn’t impossible to live without AC, but it wouldn’t be a lot of fun so contact Pure Air and we can help you make an informed decision by putting together a quote, including installation, equipment and labor. Remember that some older houses have steam or electric radiant heat.  If you find out that is the case, then your home has no ductwork.  So you will have a couple of options:

  • Ductwork can be installed throughout the house. On many occasions this can be both invasive and an expensive choice.  You will want to work with your contractor to minimize the visibility of the ductwork, while still moving air efficiently to all parts of the house.
  • Another option is a ductless cooling system. These systems, like the name suggests, do not require ducts.  They run a small refrigerant & drainage line from an outdoor HVAC unit to one or more indoor cooling units.

Keep in mind that even if the house does have an existing central HVAC system, you may still want to consider replacing it.  Older air conditioner units are usually much less efficient than newer models, and replacing these older inefficient systems could result in significant energy savings over the life of a new system.