Five minutes on the, and you can’t help but want to grab your wallet, pull out your card, and order one for yourself. You will be blown away at the sleek design and intelligent concept, and wonder why nobody thought of this sooner. You’ll be amazed at the technology, and impressed with its capabilities. Tado is the app of the future, and “cool” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Tado is a small, smooth device you install in your home that turns your regular air conditioner into a smart air conditioner. We didn’t even know our air conditioners were dumb until we realized they could be smart. Tado allows you to control your AC from your smartphone, allowing you to save energy and cut costs by turning down the AC when nobody is home. It is set to begin cooling the home at a preset temperature and at a predetermined time every morning. When the home is empty, Tado knows. Tado knows to shut the system down. It sounds like a good idea, you may think, and it’s great that it’s not cooling an empty house, but that means families would come home to a hot house and have to wait for it to cool down, right?

Tado’s smart technology knows when you’re close to home, and alerts you via your smartphone that it has been turned on to the set temperature and will be cool when you get home. Talk about a smart air conditioning!

It sounds amazing, but you probably have a mobile AC unit or an older window unit, so unless you have a new, tech-savvy AC, this app won’t work for you, right?

Wrong again.

Tado works with almost every kind of AC unit: portable units, window units, and ductless ceiling units. The Tado system will work with 82% of the AC units in the US. This app has truly thought of everything.

Tado got its start in 2011 in Munich, Germany. Started by a group of six, the company has now expanded to a team of 36 who refer to themselves as tech enthusiasts.  The team started with a heating app, and after hitting the market in 2012, they quickly sold their product to tens of thousands of people in Europe. The team has recently received all the necessary funding to launch the cooling app, which will sell retail for $149, and units are expected to ship out in August.  The Tado team plans to partner with Apple HomeKit, which will make controlling your AC as easy as asking Siri for directions.

Tado is the best thing to happen to a home since the AC unit itself. Its room-to-room technology allows the AC to stop cooling an empty room, and then kick back on once the room is occupied again. Paying an arm and a leg to cool an empty house may soon be a thing of the past. We use our smartphones to do almost everything else, why not let it control our AC, saving us energy and money at the same time? Tado is easy, Tado is reliable, and Tado is smart.