These units are charged at the factory for matched indoor section and up to 15 ft of piping. This unit is designed to operate at outdoor ambient temperatures from 55° F to 120° F in cooling and from—10° F to 66° F in heating. Only AHRI approved indoor matches are approved for use with these models.

The unit contains the ComfortLink™ II digital communication with a two wire connection to outdoor & a Plug-n-Play set up.

Refrigeration system controls include compressor contractor, condenser fan, and both a high & low pressure switch. A factory supplied, field installed filter is standard.

Unit casing is constructed of heavy gauge. G60 galvanized steel and painted with a weather-resistant powder paint on all louvers, panels, pre-paint on all other panels. Corrosion and weatherproof CMBP-G30 DuraTuff™ base.

Inverter driven scroll compressor with a 25% – 100% output capacity on heat pumps and a 30% – 100% output capacity on air conditioners. The noise enclosure minimizes sound decibels and built in compressor protection protects the compressor will reduce operating speed and current draw to maintain operation while protecting the compressor.

The outdoor coil is a Spine Fin™ low airflow resistance & efficient heat transfer. This coil is protected on all 4 sides by louvered panels on the unit.

As manufactured, this system has built in freeze protection that will allow cooling operation below 55°F but will reduce capacity or shut down completely to prevent operation under adverse conditions.

The 950/850 Control is required and provides Plug-n-Play setup and 3 wire connection.

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