If your air handler is on the blink or you are just looking to upgrade you should look into the Trane XB 4FWF air handler. Tranes’ XB line of air handlers combines flexibility & affordability to work with the full range of Trane products. Not only do you get the reliability of a Trane system, but you get the necessary options to match this with a system that meets your budget.

trane xb 4fwf air handler naples flAll XB series air handlers have an all-aluminum coil which is vastly more durable than the standard copper coils. Not to mention that standard copper coils are susceptible to formicary corrosion which can be a major headache. This coil design will ensure that your family stays comfortable all year round. These air handlers also have a polymer no-rust draining pan and a cabinet that is made of galvanized stell to make sure the system looks and runs good for a very long time. The beauty of the XB series of air handlers is that they allow the homeowner to be flexible in choosing a system that fits your budget or other special application needs. If you are in need of a system that is an up-flow stud-mount, standard convertible air handler, or even a Furr-down option, this system and all Trane XB series air handlers can meet these needs.

Other important specs include:

  • Non-bleed TXV
  • Fully insulated cabinet that includes an internal filter rack
  • Easy access for service and repair
  • Factory installed P trap