This durable and affordable air handler from Trane Air Conditioning sets the standard for value. The all aluminum coils make this unit extremely durable, because of not using the more standard copper coils. Copper coils are susceptible to formicary corrosion which makes it so your system run less efficiently and fails more quickly. On top of that this air handler is very flexible and can be used for many different special applications to meet all of your cooling and heating needs. In addition to helping with special applications the XB system is flexible in different meeting different needs as it can handle, a Furr down option, a stud mount upflow, or a standard convertible air handler.

trane comfortlink xb 4fwm air handler naples flRust and corrosion not only look bad, but they can cause your system to fail prematurely. All XB series units come with a no rust drain pan made out of a polymer material, a galvanized steel cabinet, and of course the aluminum coils. These features make a huge difference in the life of the system and it also makes you system look good!

Other features of the Trane XB 4FWM include:

  • Cooling capacity ranges from 24,000 – 36,000 BTUH
  • The Front return is flush mounted
  • Electric Heat is optional
  • Refrigerant connections are vertical
  • Non-Bleed TXV
  • Louvered grill panels can be full length for a front free return (Optional)
  • Easily accessible panel for service techs and other maintenace