The air handler is an extremely important part of your HVAC equipment. Its main job is to efficiently circulate air throughout your house.

Your central HVAC system is made up of two main pieces—an indoor unit (the air handler) and an outdoor unit. When put together with a heat pump, it can circulate both hot and cool air, depending on the season of course. With properly sized air handlers, your family will have the right amount of clean air all year round. Air handlers make a massive contribution to the efficiency of your system. The reason is because the more efficient your indoor air handler is, the less stress your outdoor unit has on it to make your home comfortable.

The Trane Hyperion air handler is not built like anything else on the open market. This air handler is built more like a refrigerator unit than your typical air handler. It has insulation between the walls of the advanced cabinet design. This insulation prevents water condensation that may result in damage to the indoor air handler. Not only does it eliminate the condensation the cabinet also destroys any loose fibers from fiberglass insulation that may float through the air stream with other air handlers. The Trane double wall construction gives families with peace of mind and cleaner indoor air.