Here’s a very simple troubleshooting guide for common air conditioning problems.

Air Flow
The air conditioner condenser unit cools the air as the air handler circulates it through your home. First check to see if the unit is on and second check for a tripped breaker. If your system has power chances are the problem is in the air handler.

AC Blowing Warm Air
circuit board in air conditioner systemIf air is circulating through your home but it’s not cool, first see that both the inside and outside AC units have power and are working. If so dust may have built up on the evaporator.

Overflowing Drain Pan
Below your interior air conditioning unit, the drain pan collects condensation and this water is pumped to a nearby pipe. If the pan is overflowing, first see that the pump is plugged in. If it is then check for a pinch or obstruction in the drain line.

Continuously Running AC
If your air conditioner is constantly on your thermostat may be set too low. Reset the system with the thermostat then readjust the temperature to your comfort.

Contact A Professional
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