air handler covered in tapeIs your air conditioner’s air handler not working properly? Here are a couple issues I see on a regular basis around the Southwest Florida area.

Why is there tape on my air handler?

If your air handler is covered with tape, it is most likely due to the metal panels rusting out and releasing air into the attic.  Or it can also be that the air handler is sucking in attic air and blowing it into your home.  Either way you should have your air handler assessed for its efficiency and the air quality it is putting into your home.

Corrosion on an air handler.

air handler corrosionThis is a perfect example of formicary corrosion.  This happens when the evaporator coil inside of the air handler consists of different metals.  Copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel are not the kind of metals you want your coil to be made of.

Trane air handlers,  have consisted of an all aluminum coil for 5-6 years.  While other manufacturers are trying to catch up, Trane has already established proven dependability and we recommend them. Need help? We can repair these air handler problems for you.