After the initial phase and the huge success that Trane had, CPCC decided to enter into the 2nd performance contract with Trane. This second agreement covered 30 buildings on 6 campuses. This was an all inclusive project that included a major section of the school’s infa-structure.

The 2nd phase of the contract included an upgrade of the school’s data processing center. The college’s existing data servers were all replaced with high efficiency servers that both reduced operating costs and provided a far more effective service. Which allowed the school to improve & protect it’s critical missions. The second phase of the contract also included retro-fitting the lighting fixtures across the 6 campuses, which was more than 18,000 lighting fixtures in total. The fixtures were replaced and occupancy sensors were also installed in some locations to turn fixtures off in unused spaces.

Conservation of water strategies were implemented across the 6 CPCC locations for water savings. These water usage improvements included water savings for ice machines, retrofitting existing plumbing fixtures with low flow devices, & installation of a cooling tower with net metering in order to reduce the sewer costs.

After making all of these infrastructure changes Trane had to come up with a way to tie all of the systems and savings strategies together so it turned to it’s building automation systems which is called the Trane Tracer Summit. This system was integrated into the existing controls to standardize the existing controls in the building and the sequences in order to enable more effective comfort & energy management.

The building automation system provides the school the ability to manage lighting, climate, and energy consumption via a web interface. The college’s facility managers use the building automation system for both scheduling & to respond to any alarms, implement custom programs, view reports, and perform other daily tasks.

The phase one results show that the upgrades integrated on the CPCC main campus resulted in approximately 800k in saving in the first two years of the contract which exceeded the savings guarantee by 11 percent in the first year and by 19% in year two. Phase two is still an ongoing project and as Trane gather’s results we will update this post.