If you are planning to hire a Naples area contractor to handle HVAC upgrades, repair or service, you need to know who you are hiring and what credentials that person holds. It is important to ask for references and proof of affiliation with various organizations. When choosing an HVAC contractor, it is wise to insist on the prerequisite of ACCA membership.

What is ACCA?

ACCA stands for Air Conditioning Contractors of America. It is a non-profit organization that exists to serve the interests of home and business owners through their work with reputable HVAC companies. Their primary function is to ensure that member contractors are operating up to and exceeding industry standards for energy efficiency and best practices for installations, services, methodologies and repairs.

The ACCA Membership Advantage

When you hire an ACCA member contractor, you are guaranteed that the services you receive will meet specific criteria and afford you some specific benefits. Here is just a brief overview of the services and standards you can and should expect when hiring an ACCA contractor or company:

  • Latest Technologies – Your ACCA contractor knows all the latest technologies surrounding HVAC systems and is capable of working with any system of any age, even the newest equipment. ACCA technicians are thoroughly trained to provide you with service that is second to none with a goal of 100% satisfaction for each and every customer.
  •  Heat Gain/Loss Methodologies – Your ACCA contractor is skilled in performing all pertinent calculations for heat gain/loss (aka Manual J) so that the size of the equipment is always right for the specific home or business where it will be installed. Duct retrofitting is done to ACCA Manual D standards in order to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort.
  •  Everything Up to Code – While this seems like it should be elementary, many contractors cut corners that do not bring your equipment up to code. This is why professional certifications and affiliations are so important.
  • ACCA-affiliated companies and contractors are 100% compliant with all codes at state and local levels. They carry all required licenses and are fully insured so you know that you are dealing with true professionals in their trade.
  • Continuing Education – For the ACCA contractor, ongoing education is part of maintaining membership and ACCA member contractors take an active role in continuously educating their technicians.

This commitment motivates most member contractors to seek out techs who are talented, motivated and professional. ACCA techs often carry additional certifications and hold other professional affiliations like NATE (North American Technician Excellence) – another valuable certification and one that should be on your list of criteria.

Get the Facts

Always insist on seeing your contractor’s’ credentials before hiring them and insist on ACCA affiliation. Also be sure to ask for a list of references from companies or individuals for whom they have completed work in the past. Look for recent jobs as well as some that are not-so-recent. This is a good gauge of how the work holds up over time.

Mike Crothers, Pure Air Conditioning