Rheem’s integrated h2AC Rooftop unit is an integrated air & water system. It is designed specifically for full service restaurants and other commercial industries that have a high demand for hot water. This system brings large levels of both efficiency and cost savings to businesses. Laundromats, Hotels, Health clubs, and restaurants are able to heat water by utilizing the heat that has been removed from the building through the air conditioning process.

Rheem Team air conditionerThe typical AC unit removes warm air from the building and transfers it to the outside replacing the warm air with cool conditioned air. The Rheem H2AC Rooftop Unit captures the warm air and utilizes it to heat the incoming water to as high as 125 degrees fahrenheit. Then that water is stored in an insulated storage tank and when hot water demand arises a tankless water heater brings the pre-heated water up to a full 185 degrees.

Cooling, heating and water heating are all necessary expenses associated with operating with restaurants and hotels. In fact, these costs usually account for about half of a full service restaurant’s energy expenses. Heat is introduced continuously into the restaurant through cooking, opening doors, guests and the ambient temperature, while hot water is constantly needed for washing hands & cleaning dishes. This results in a very high air conditioning load & a high water heating demand. We worked on this product because full service restaurants have earned the title of being the #1 Energy User per square foot for any commercial building.

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