In SWFL When the mercury starts to rise(during any time of year!), things can get a little uncomfortable. Add high humidity into the mix and it can feel like you’re swimming through the air in your home. Thankfully, modern technology can solve both of these problems, but they create others, particularly in the area of energy consumption.

air purification services naples flThere are a number of ways to minimize the use of energy in our efforts to stay cool. We could tough it out, run a fan and try to find some relief that way, but on particularly hot days and in particularly hot climates that may not be a realistic solution. Here are a number of ways to split the difference and stay comfortable in the heat.

  1. Run the Air Conditioner on Low: This is a feasible compromise, particularly at night. When the mercury drops, so should our consumption of energy. A warmer room at night is more bearable than one might think. Turn the AC off at bedtime or set it on low. Many modern units have timers that will do this automatically. Run the AC long enough to get to sleep and have it shut down when the outside weather is coolest.
  2. Close Vents and basement doors:  Since the basement is generally cooler than any other place in the house, don’t waste energy by dumping cool air down there through vents or open doors. Seal off the basement and keep the cool air circulating within your main living space.  (FYI some homes have basements in Florida, but not many)
  3. Keep up with air conditioner maintenance:  Keep A/C units clean and remove dust from the filter regularly. Make sure there is ample space around the unit outside for air to flow freely.
  4. Inspect HVAC ducts:  Make sure that the ducts in your house are properly insulated to keep as much cool air as possible circulating. Keep them clean and dust-free as this will also help maximize the cooling effect of your AC.
  5. 78 Degrees is the key:  It may seem a little high, but when the outdoor temperature is closing in on three digits, 78 will feel extremely cool. It is also the temperature at which most air conditioners run optimally.
  6. Turn off a light or two:  Lights generate heat. Only lighting the areas of the house that need it will also decrease dependence on air conditioning.
  7. Don’t over-cool an empty house:  If not, run the AC at 85 and keep windows and drapes closed. Keep the house dark and it will stay cooler. If possible, set the temperature to drop shortly before people start arriving home after work or school.

Following these few simple tips is certain to result in lower cooling costs and will increase the longevity of your cooling equipment. It is also environmentally sound and responsible. We’re Pure Air Conditioning serving Naples & Ft Myers FL.