Trane’s evaporator coils are designed to work in unison with your Trane outdoor furnace and/ or condensing unit. The coil is matched in efficiency, capacity, and size to make sure it gives your HVAC system the optimal performance.

If you have an AC unit outside the home, then you might also have a furnace inside and an indoor coil. While a heat pump or air conditioner evaporator coil may be a part that you’re not familiar with, it’s as important to your house’s comfort as your heat pump or air conditioner. The coil is designed to work in unison with your furnace and outdoor unit, so it’s extremely important that they match in both capacity and size.

Trane has developed the HVAC industry’s first all aluminum indoor coil. An all aluminum indoor evaporator coil is rust resistant and almost completely corrosion free. These evaporator coils set a standard by preventing leaks that can happen from corrosive agents like cleaning products or salt.

trane comfort coilEach evaporator coil endures a series of rigorous tests to ensure that the coil reduces leaks and is durable. Trane tests each evaporator coil with up to 325 pounds per inch of pressurized helium. This test allows us to detect any leaks, even a leak as small as .10 ounce per year. Trane doesn’t accept leaks, period. Even a small amount of leakage will lower your air conditioner system’s overall efficiency.

Indoor evaporator coils are often dirty because they are somewhat difficult to clean. We new this was an issue so we designed our Trane Comfort™ Coils for easy cleaning. The Trane evaporator coil is also made with 100% foil backed insulation, so the coil can be easily wiped down. The result is both cleaner air for your home and a cleaner coil.