Trane’s Hyperion™ XR residential air handler provides your house with both cleaner and healthier air. The technology used in the XR circulates air more efficiently, and when paired with a CleanEffects™, this air handler can almost eliminate pollen, dust and other irritants from the inside air.

trane air handlerThe all-aluminum coil which is included in the XR air handler is drastically more durable than all standard copper coils.  The main reason is the copper coils are susceptible to corrosion (formicary corrosion).  This corrosion decreases both the effectiveness and the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Trane’s Hyperion™ XR also includes a double-walled cabinet, which eliminates the need to have insulation exposed.  Another benefit is the double walled construction prevents energy loss by using airtight plugs as opposed to conventional knockouts. These plugs reduce the air handlers carbon footprint.

The exclusive Trane Vortica™ blower, provides Trane XR air handlers with ultra-quiet, reliable operation.  It is always nice to hear one another and not listen to pitches and whines of a loud HVAC unit.

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