This voluntary recall is because the ground screws in the air conditioning units don’t have 2 threads which are required to provide grounding. Therefore, there is a shock hazard to people. To this point there has been no injuries. The fix is done through a quick repair by a Trane Comfort Specialist, so if this recall affects you please give us a call to get your unit fixed.

The recall includes a total of 37 different models of the Trane XB300 outdoor air conditioning units. For more info I suggest reading and keeping up with the information on the Trane site at You can also contact Trane toll-free at 888-731-7561 from 6 in the morning through 11 at night CST M-Sat & 7 am to 11 pm CST on Sunday.

The XB300 AC units were sold in two different sizes, the 23.5 inches deep or the 25.5 variation. The model numbers in the recall are listed below.

4A7M3036A1000A* 4A7M3042A1000A* 2TTM3018A1000A* 4TTM3048A1000C* 4TTM3060A1000A* 2TTM3042A1000A* 2TTM3048A1000A* 2TTM3060A1000A* 4A7M3018A1000A* 4A7M3024A1000A* 4A7M3030A1000A* 4TTM3030A1000B* 4TTM3030A1000C* 4TTM3030B1000A* 4A7M3048A1000A* 4A7M3060A1000A* 4TTM3018A1000A* 4TTM3018A1000B* 4TTM3018A1000C* 4TTM3024A1000A* 4TTM3024A1000B* 4TTM3024A1000C* 4TTM3024B1000A* 4TTM3030A1000A* 4TTM3036A1000A* 4TTM3036A1000B* 4TTM3036A1000C* 4TTM3042A1000A* 4TTM3042A1000B* 2TTM3024A1000A* 2TTM3030A1000A* 2TTM3036A1000A* 4TTM3042A1000C* 4TTM3048A1000A* 4TTM3048A1000B* 4TTM3060A1000B* 4TTM3060A1000C*