This blog is going to be about maintenance. And it’s by far the most important thing relating to your systems’ longevity.

The biggest reason that getting your maintenance done is so important, are the run times and the prolonged heat we have here in southwest Florida.

Run Times

We have the highest run times in the country, and it’s not even close. Here are the national numbers:

  • If you live in the Midwest, the air conditioning demand per year is approximately 600 hours.
  • If you are from the Northeast, the air conditioning demand per year is approximately 500 hours.

So how about Southwest Florida? Any guesses? Do you think it’s twice? Three times? If you guessed five times, you were correct! That’s five times the demand or 2800 hours per year.

Furthermore, nationally air conditioning accounts for 12% of the average electricity bill.

Here in Southwest Florida, our air conditioning systems account for 30% of our electricity bills.

The reason I bring all of this up is that if you don’t get your air conditioning system maintained regularly by a company that takes the extra time to optimize your system, you will be spending much
more than the cost of regular maintenance on your electrical bill throughout the year. And, your system will be under more stress than it needs to be, and shorten it’s longevity.

Let’s use a car analogy: Would you drive your car more than 20,000 miles without getting the oil changed? I say 20,000 miles because the national average for an oil change is 5,000 miles. But of
course you wouldn’t. And if you did drive 20,000 miles without an oil change, wouldn’t you agree that you are more likely to have a breakdown and need repairs. And what if your car or air conditioning system are older? Then the likelihood of a breakdown due to lack of maintenance increases exponentially.

Let’s use another analogy, the doctor’s office. Do you go to your local family doctor for a physical once a year? They check your blood pressure, they listen to your lungs, they tell you how your
bloodwork came out. If they see a problem they most likely send you for other tests, right?

I would sure want to know if my body as well as my air conditioner were showing symptoms of a problem, so I could fix it before it becomes a huge problem.

Our Services

Ok, so we are running an a/c maintenance special for radio listeners and first time customers for $59. We will come out to your place and do a thorough a/c maintenance which includes a free sanitization.
At Pure Air we believe in adding value to our services in the way of expertise, honesty, and quality. And now, we are sanitizing the air handler on every maintenance visit using a product that is designed for air conditioning systems. Does your current air conditioning company do that?

And we spend extra time to not only vacuum, but also add water and flush out the drain line completely on every maintenance. These are just two of the many important things that we do on a maintenance, that separate us from our competition.

Our goal is to show you the value in what we do for you and your system, so that you will want to use us for your regular maintenance. We offer a couple of comprehensive service agreements, that vary
on price points but both have a ton of value.

We offer a Pure Air Standard and a Pure Air Plus Service Agreement. Both are annual agreements.

We’ve built both of these service agreements to provide value that far exceeds the cost of the agreements. On top of the thorough maintenance and cleaning we do on any maintenance visit, both of our
service agreements will get you on a regular schedule for maintenance every six months.

Extra Benefits for Service Agreement Customers

As an example, when you become a service agreement customer on either the Pure Air Standard or the Pure Air Plus Service Agreement, here are a few of the extra benefits:

  • Two Scheduled Maintenance Visits Per Year.
  • Priority Same Day Service Appointments.
  • Discounts on Repairs, Air Quality, and Equipment.
  • Parts and Labor Warranty Coverage on Repairs, so if we perform a repair on your system we will stand by our work.
  • Drain Line Coverage, meaning if you have a drain line issue after a maintenance appointment, there will be no charge for the service call.
  • Discounts on Service Calls.

Probably the largest benefit of getting on a service agreement with an air conditioning company is the ability to create a relationship so that you can hold them accountable and have piece of mind.


After every thorough maintenance we provide a detailed report and spend the time with you the customer to advise you on how well the system is running. We also always want to leave the system better
than we found it. So please, call or live chat and take advantage of this offer. Again, that’s $59 for us to come out and do a comprehensive maintenance for radio listeners and first time customers. You must mention this show when calling.

Mike Crothers – 239-597-7873