On many occasions your evaporator coil is an overlooked part of your HVAC system, but they are extremely important. If your air conditioner is outside, then you probably also have an indoor coil. The evaporator coil is another, less visible part of your HVAC system. While a heat pump or AC units evaporator coil may be a component that you are not familiar with, it’s extremely important to your home’s comfort. An evaporator coil is designed to work in tandem with your outdoor unit, it is important that the coils match in both capacity and size.

A matched system gives your system maximum efficiency and performance. When you install a new Trane heat pump or air conditioner, your local dealer will help you select the right A/C or heat pump evaporator coil to match the unit. Remember, your indoor coil and your outdoor condensing unit work together as a team. A new air conditioner unit’s efficiency will be significantly lessened if it is paired with an existing old coil. A non-Trane coil or an old coil, may even differ in it’s cooling capacity. This will probably leave you with an unbalanced system and higher utility bills.

trane comfort coilOur Trane Comfort Coils include the following features:

  • 100% foil insulation makes for easy cleaning & quiet operation.
  • Non-corrosive Components
  • The sloped, two-way, non-corrosive drain pan will prevent standing water. This will significantly affect indoor air quality. And the rust-resistant construction will keep the coil nearly corrosion free. Which will make the evaporator coil tougher on leaks.
  • Trane’s evaporator coils are painted which further increases protection from both rust & corrosion
  • External Service Ports gives technicians easy access for quick and easy serviceability

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