Air Cleaners, Filtration System Sales & Service

Pure Air offers sales and installation of air cleaners and filtration systems to the residents of Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. Air purifiers clean indoor air as it passes through your heating and air conditioning system. By using a special material, air cleaners and filtration systems remove harmful molecules in the air.

How do air purifiers work?

Pure Air installs a special air purification system in the homes and businesses of Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. The air purifier uses a titanium dioxide infused carbon matrix to capture harmful molecules in the air and turns them into water vapor and carbon dioxide. This device can be seen at

Why should homeowners be interested in air cleaners and filtration from Pure Air?

Hospitals and other industries have long valued high indoor air quality, and more homes are being equipped with air cleaners and filtration systems. We specialize in air purification, for both homes and businesses, and our systems can help improve your indoor air quality while helping you overcome allergies. Indoor air contaminants can also shorten the lifespan of your expensive electronics, as dust and pollen are more attracted to electrical appliances.

Will Pure Air help me choose the right air cleaners and filtration systems for my home?

At Pure Air, we specialize in air purification. Our staff is trained on all available options and can help you select the best budget-friendly air cleaners and filtration systems for your home or business.