Zoning Systems

Sometimes, the layout of your home or workplace floor plan can create uneven temperatures from one area to the next. Rooms with direct sunlight, for example, are often warmer than rooms that get less sun. If your home or business has areas that are notably hotter or colder than others, Pure Air recommends considering a zoning system to rectify the problem. Let Pure Air help you maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout your work space with a professionally installed, energy efficient zoning system. Contact us or call: 239-597-7873

How do zoning systems work?

Zoning systems are comprised of multiple thermostats placed in strategic locations throughout the home or business. Unlike other conventional solutions, zoning systems do not turn the heating or air conditioning system on and off. Instead, the thermostats control dampers which open and close allowing the right amount of cool air to circulate through a given room.

Are zoning systems energy efficient?

Yes! The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that zoning systems can save homeowners and businesses up to 30% on their energy costs annually.

Pure Air offers quality, effective zoning systems for homes and businesses in Naples and Fort Myers areas of Florida. We are a family-run business that has been serving the communities of SWFL for nearly a decade. We pride ourselves on superior service. We appreciate being given the opportunity to show you the Pure Air difference when it comes to the sale, installation and maintenance of your home or commercial air conditioning system.