The heat pump is effective in many geographies, but especially in the south eastern United States and warm, humid areas, a heat pump and air handler system is a choice for many homeowners.  Unlike a furnace, a heat pump does not burn fuel to make heat.  The unit simply uses electricity to move heat from one location to another. A heat pump is a very energy efficient way to both cool your home in the summer and warm it in the winter.

In most electric applications, the heat pump consumes less energy than an electric furnace or air handler with an added electric heater accessory.  The reason is, because the heat pump can deliver the same amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units) as electric heaters while using less electricity. In milder climates the monetary savings that natural gas yields may not be nearly as advantageous as in cooler climates, due to the less frequent use of a furnace in milder climates. However, the heat pump can still be matched with a gas furnace where preferred. A heat pump is effective by itself when temperatures get down to around 25 – 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Once temperatures get below that point, either a gas furnace or an air handler with supplemental  heat will kick on and help heat your house.

Contact Pure Air to determine which system would best serve your specific needs.  We will  perform a load calculation on the house & estimate the total cost of operation for the different combinations of equipment.