Hardin Medical Center (HMC) had an aging, outdated HVAC system as it provided insufficient humidity control and inadequate cooling. The administrators at the medical facility wanted to improve the care environment, especially in its pregnancy labor and delivery areas. The goals were to increase staff, physician, and patient comfort, which would also help to reduce the opportunity for infection and medical errors. The administrators also wanted to improve the efficiency of all of its systems in order to reduce rising energy and operational costs.

Due to their long standing relationship, the administrators at Hardin Medical Center contacted Trane in regards to the needed upgrades. Trane’s staff provided an Energy Analyzer Report, which benchmark the HMC facility against other similar facilities. HMC & Trane also finished a study on the environment in order to uncover any structural business issues & to identify additional ways to increase staff, patient and physician comfort. A computer model was then created in order to simulate the effect of various different energy efficiency and conservation measures.

The facility leadership used the computer energy model & the study of the physical environment in order to determine which upgrades would best meet the specified goals. The energy conservation measures identified in the computer model proved to be significant enough to completely cover the price of a new HVAC system. This system would provide reliable humidity control and temperature for the delivery and labor area. Next the administrators and Trane agreed on a Performance Agreement which allowed the facility to leverage it’s future energy and operational savings in order to pay for the infrastructure improvements without upfront outlay of capital.

The following upgrades were made by Trane in order to improve the energy efficiency throughout the entire facility:

  • HVAC system was replaced to serve the delivery and labor area
  • 1 Air Handling Unit (Chilled Water Performance Climate Changer™). This unit was designed to fix critical air quality issues inside the labor and delivery area. This air handler helps ensure humidity levels and the optimal room temperatures, it remove contaminants and lowers the sound levels. This unit was tasked with providing a healthy, comfortable, & relaxing indoor environment.
  • This boiler plant was also replaced and consisted of
    • 2 hot water boilers,
    • 2 – condensing boilers & 1 non condensing boiler to provide the facility with the needed redundancy and capacity.
    • 2 – 1000 gallon storage tanks for hot water;
    • 1 – 50 ton heat recovery chiller along with a hot water pumps for chilling and heating;
    • 1 – double wall heat exchanger and a 500 gallon water tank for preheating;
    • Circulating pumps and Hot water heaters were also installed.